SLEPC Oct. 5th Meeting Update

SLEPC General Meeting Saturday, October 5th. Annual Membership Meeting to follow at a later date.

Due to a publishing delay, members who rely on the printed/mailed newsletter for meeting information did not receive the newsletter within the timeframe specified by the SLEPC Bylaws (at least seven days before a meeting). Accordingly, the meeting scheduled for October 5th will not include an election. The other parts of the agenda will be presented as scheduled.

The board member election will take place as part of the Annual Meeting tentatively planned for November 9th. A firm date and details for the meeting to follow. This will allow members to be appropriately notified.

SLEPC General Meeting
Saturday, October 5th @ 9:00 am at the Dodge City Community Center
Lower Level of Dodge City Town Hall, 130 Howard Cir., Hanceville, AL 35077
(Turn at the Jack’s on Hwy 69 in Dodge City – follow the blue signs)

Details on the Annual Meeting, including elections, to be announced soon.

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